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Neo Geo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) is a cartridge-based arcade system board and home video game console released on April 26, 1990 by Japanese game company SNK Corporation. Although it is a member of the fourth generation of video game consoles, it is the first system in the Neo Geo family, which ran throughout the 1990s before being revived in December 2012 with the Neo Geo X handheld and home system. The Neo Geo was marketed as 24-bit, though it is technically a parallel processing 16-bit 68000-based system with an 8-bit Z80 coprocessor.

Technical especifications:

-CPU: Motorola 68000 16-bit running at 12MHz Zilog Z80A 8-bit running at 4MHz

-Memory: 64KB RAM 84KB VRAM 2KB Sound Memory


Available games:


  Neogeo1 60Neogeo61 120

Neogeo121 161

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